Airline Pilots

Here at KEEP Safe Investments we believe it is essential to plan financial future that suits you and your family in retirement. Let us give you the peace of mind while you are cruising at 36,000 ft. During the initial meeting, we will review your beneficiaries, health and life insurance plans and contributions made to your account. In addition, we analyze your financial situation and discuss the best avenues to take in order to attain retirement goals.

Retirement Accounts

KEEP Safe Investments can manage your PCRA or PRAP account held at United Airlines, Southwest Airlines or NetJets. As financial advisors we actively manage your account to ensure it is aligned with the retirement goals you have set in place.

Retiree Health Account (RHA)/VEBA
If you have any questions regarding your RHA/VEBA or contributions into RHA/VEBA, KEEP Safe Investments can help!

If you are due to receive the A-Plan benefits KEEP Safe Investments can help you secure these funds upon retirement. In addition, we can manage the funds in several different ways. The investment tool and style chosen will depend on which one suits your retirement goals best. This can be discussed in further detail during our initial meeting, and we can answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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